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Landscaping bed in front of a home that we recently laid new black mulch.

Mulch & Rock Services McMurray, Washington, Canonsburg, Claysville, PA & Nearby Areas

Our mulch & rock services protect your landscape beds in McMurray and nearby areas like Washington.

Mulch and rock fill in the empty spaces in your lawn and provide a finished look. Properly installed ground coverings also protect your landscape beds and keep soil healthy.

At Luke's Lawn Care & Landscaping, we offer a variety of options for home and business owners looking for an alternative to empty dirt spaces in beds and other areas. We serve McMurray, Washington, Canonsburg, and additional areas in Pennsylvania.

Landscaping bed re-shaped with new brown mulch installed at a home in McMurray, PA

Mulch & Decorative Stone Protect Soil From Erosion, Extreme Temperatures & More

Our team provides the appropriate product and installation depth to encourage mulch and rock (decorative stone) to serve its purpose: look great, and protect the soil.

Mulch and rock also provide the following:

  • Erosion Protection - Prevents excessive water run-off from stripping the soil of nutrients and causing harm to plants.
  • Soil Insulation - Provides a type of blanket over the soil and prevents extreme temperatures from damaging plant life.
  • Weed Prevention - Helps prevent weed growth by blocking additional sunlight from reaching unplanted areas (weed barrier installation is a plus).
  • Finished Look - Unplanted areas are provided with a uniform covering that provides an attractive, finished look.

Our team has the experience to complete the job properly and to your liking, using either hardwood or bark mulch, which can be dyed brown, black, or red.

We recommend replenishing mulch once a year in the spring to not only refresh its look but also the protection it provides.

Decorative Stone Also Provides Protection and Lasts Longer

Some clients prefer decorative stone (rock) as their ground covering. Rock still provides the same protections from soil erosion, freezing temperatures, and weed growth, but it tends to last longer.

Our decorative stone installations only need to be refreshed once every other year. We offer a few different choices of rock, including river rock and ocean rock.

Their colors more closely resemble earth tones; brown, gray, and off-white, which can give landscape beds and empty areas a more natural look. Water is still able to trickle down through the rocks to provide adequate moisture for growth.

River rock installed in a large circular landscape bed in the courtyard of a home in Washington, PA.

New Bed Installations Can Include Weed Fabric for Extra Weed Prevention

An extremely effective way to prevent weed growth in your landscape beds is to have our pros install weed fabric or weed barriers. Fabric or plastic material is brought on a large roll and cut to perfectly fit the size and shape of your planting beds. Holes are cut around plants to allow growth, but the material prevents sunlight and water from reaching the soil to discourage weeds from emerging.

If you are interested in weed barrier installation with your new landscape beds, we will gladly provide the service as requested.

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